Yooz Music plugins are professional tools made with creativity and fun in mind.

Made with careful attention to the small details by applying different combinations of values to the different parameters inside the core of the plugin to get the best sound and behaviour while keeping cpu efficiency. Like in the analog world, each parameter is connected to and affecting other parameters and each sub circuit is connected to and affecting other circuits in the device. One window design puts all the different parameters in front of your eyes to be accessed easily and intuitively, allowing you to make your own unique sound easily and comfortably.



Yooz Music was founded by me, Or Yooz, sound engineer, electronic music producer, plugins developer and a C++ programmer living in Israel.

As a musician from a young age I’ve always loved the powerful energy and excitement good music brings with it and that’s what I put into my work nowadays.

Being a D.I.Y lover and electronic music producer, I gained a lot of knowledge of the analog world – how components work and how circuits behave. Understanding exactly what is going on inside the electricity world is the key for making plugins cpu efficient, while getting the warm sound and the unpredictable behaviour of hardware analog devices.

If you enjoy getting creative and making your own unique sounds then you’ll love using Yooz Music plugins in your projects.


Photos by Yakir Uzan