Space Time

Space Time is modulated ping pong delay effect. Producing variety of sounds form the classic tape delay to spacey pitch shifting stereo delay. Containing a customise version of Filter – A,  a variable state 24db/oct filter with user controlled saturation amount. An LFO and an envelop follower can modulate both the filter frequency cutoff and the delay time, creating unique, warm, wide and other worldly sounds.

Key features:

  • Ping Pong Delay
  • Reverse Delay
  • Yooz Filter – 24db/oct
  • 3 variable states – Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass.
  • Saturation – drives the filter.
  • LFO – with variable wave shape, modulate the filter cutoff and delay time.
  • Envelope follower – with positive or negative values to modulate filter cutoff and delay time.

  win-logo Win VST 32/64bitapple-logo Mac VST, AU 32/64bit


Video of an older version (new video coming soon)