Yooz Electric Force

Yooz Electric Force is an amazing mono synth plugin that was built to be your goto virtual analog synth. Inspired by my own D.I.Y synth, it’s designed to have a warm analog character with wide flexibility and very simple and intuitive interface (just don’t forget to let it warm for 15 minutes before using :).

  • 2 variable, high quality, antialiasing oscillators.
  • Sub oscillator, 1 octave below oscillator 1.
  • Noise generator.
  • The amazing yooz filter, variable states, self oscillating, 24db/oct drive filter. spatially designed for worm fat sound, keeping balanced gain even at extreme settings.
  • 2 envelops generators.
  • 2 LFO with variable waveform, including a funky random pulse wave, that dose awesome modulation effects.
  • VCA.
  • All sorts of synthesising goodies – PW, PWM, FM, Ring Modulation, Drive, Glide, Sync and more…

To make it extremely simple and intuitive, there is no matrix, and no choosing tables. Just twist the knobs and enjoy.

  win-logo Win VST 32/64bit

apple-logo Mac VST, AU 32/64bit